5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up on Netgear Extender

5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up on Netgear Extender? Here’s the Fix!

WiFi range extenders have evolved over time. Ethernet connections have been replaced by wireless connections now. From single band we have shifted to dual-band viz; 2.5 GHz and 5GHz. Both frequencies have different benefits of their own. The former is preferable for the devices that move around a lot and are mostly far from the access point while the latter is preferred for the devices that stay near the access point. However, lately, it has been observed that users are reporting issues like 5GHz WiFi not showing up on the Netgear WiFi range extender. Are you facing a similar situation? Are you too looking for more information on why this happens and what’s the solution? This guide is loaded with all the answers that you are seeking.

What Is 5GHz?

5 GHz frequency provides faster speeds at a shorter range. 5GHz frequency should be the best choice if you want to have seamless internet access with higher speeds. It is less prone to WiFi interference. Thus, this frequency is mostly opted for online gaming, video conferencing, streaming HD videos and other high-bandwidth online activities. You need to be as close as possible to the access point to enjoy the internet at this frequency. However, along with so many pros, this too has some cons. As mentioned earlier 5GHz WiFi not showing up is one such example. We are going to discuss more about this further in this guide.

5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up: Fixed

Read this section to diagnose the possible cause for your Netgear range extender and get the right remedy for the same.

Cause1: Incorrect Placement of Device

The placement of the access point (here Netgear range extender) plays a vital role in deciding how smoothly you can access the internet signal. If you have placed the extender at a wrong place, then this could be the possible reason for your case if 5GHz WiFi not showing up.

Solution: Relocate Extender

Consider the following factors while relocating your device:

1. Position- Make sure that you do not place your Netgear range extender in an enclosed place like attics, basements or corners. Also, do not place it behind the furniture.

2. Height- Never place it on the ground as this will not allow maximum range coverage. It is recommended to place the extender at a higher place to have an optimum signal.

3. Distance From Router- Make check at the distance between the extender and the host router. Make sure that there is an appropriate distance between both devices. Too much or too less distance between the Netgear range extender and the router can also be the possible reason for the 5GHz WiFi not showing up issue.

Cause 2: Fluctuating Power Supply

There is a possibility that you are connecting your WiFi range extender to a faulty power source. Another reason could be an insufficient power supply to the device.

Solution: Ensure Non-Fluctuating Power Supply

Make sure that the extender is receiving a non-fluctuating power supply to make it function to its full potential. Also, check the power socket for any damages. Consider replacing the power socket or try connecting the extender at some other socket.

Cause 3: WiFi Interference

5GHz WiFi not showing up can be due to WiFi interference as well. Some devices or appliances like baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, smart TVs, radios, cordless phones, etc. have the capability to cause interference with the extender signal.

Solution: Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Avoid placing your Netgear wireless range extender at a location where any such device is placed. Such devices emit electromagnetic waves that can interrupt the wireless signal hampering internet access at 5GHz frequency.

Cause 4: Obsolete Firmware

Have you checked the firmware version on the Netgear range extender? Perhaps it is running on an older firmware version, which is why you are experiencing the 5GHz WiFi not showing up issue.

Solution: Update Firmware

Simply, access the management dashboard of the Netgear range extender and get to the settings and update the firmware on your extender. Make sure that you upload the firmware for your respective device model only. For instance, if you are using Netgear N300, then download the firmware for the same model number and then access the www mywifiext net N300 dashboard and upload it.

5GHz WiFi not showing up can hamper your smooth internet access experience. However, we are pretty sure that by executing the aforementioned troubleshooting solutions, you will be able to access high-speed internet using 5GHz frequency. In case you are still struggling with this issue, then get in touch with our proficient technical team and let them fix this for you.