Guide to Netgear Wireless Access List Setup

Informative Guide to Netgear Wireless Access List Setup

Until the default settings are changed, any device having access to your home WiFi network name can join in. It could compromise the security of your home WiFi network. Hence, activating the Netgear wireless access list becomes crucial. It helps you restrict the access to WiFi network. Rather, you add the Mac address of the device that you permit to access to your Netgear extender network.

Does the whole process seem complex? If yes, fret not! We are here to offer you the simplest guide to activate Netgear wireless access list. With its activation, the security of your home WiFi network will level up. In short, no unauthorized device can access extender network without your permission. Read on.

Netgear Wireless Access List Activation

Launch Internet Browser

You should have a computer or laptop to activate Netgear wireless access list. Plug your system into a working power socket and turn on the power button. In case you are a laptop user, we recommend you get hold of a laptop charger.

After the system gets stable, launch an internet browser. The selection of the web browser is going to decide a lot about the whole process. Hence, we urge you get on with an updated and compatible internet browser. It should not crash during the ongoing process.

Access Default Web Address

The default URL is going to help you access the Netgear extender setup wizard. But, before that, you must ensure your extender is well connected to the routers. Otherwise, you might experience red light on WiFi extender.

When it comes to entering the default web address, you should utilize the address bar. In case you were wondering about entering the information in the search bar, you should avoid that. If you use the search bar, you might get different results. Moreover, you must ensure there are no typos.

Perform Repeater Login

To do the repeater login, the Netgear extender credentials are going to come to your rescue. So, you must have them. Have you customized the extender login details? Yes? Well, in that case, you should enter the updated credentials only.

On the other hand, the default username and passphrase can do the job. You must turn off the Caps Lock key so that the chances of typing errors can be minimized. Log in to your device to activate Netgear wireless access list.

Select Advanced > Wireless Settings

Once you are on the Netgear extender setup wizard, you have to select the Advanced option. From there, move ahead and access the wireless settings of your repeater. Under this option, you can see the ‘Turn on Wireless Card Access List’ option.

First, enable it by clicking on the check box. After that, you get three more options.

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete

Since you are enabling the Netgear wireless access list for the first time, you will go with the add option.

Add Devices

When you choose to add, a dialogue box opens on your home screen. It consists of the device name and Mac address options. The device name box helps you describe the device you are adding to the access list. Hence, you should not miss out on filling this box.

The Mac address field is the most important one. It will help you enter the unique Mac ID that identifies the device. After filling the fields, hit Apply button.

Apply Changes

When you hit the Apply button, the settings are saved. Apart from these two options, you also get the Cancel and Refresh options. Make sure you go ahead with the Apply button only. Doing so will enable the Netgear wireless access list on your repeater.If asked, reboot your Netgear wireless range extender. After restarting your device, the settings will come to play.

Wrap Up

Enabling the Netgear wireless access list settings, only the added devices will have the access to the repeater WiFi network. Every other unauthorized device can’t access the network even if it knows the SSID. Hence, nothing can penetrate the security circle of your device. You can rest assured to have the best internet experience without the interference of unauthorized devices.

We hope you had no issue while activating the wireless access list. In case you do, our tech experts are always at your disposal. Contact them to get your issues resolved in an instant.