Netgear Extender WN2000RPT Setup Guide

Netgear Extender WN2000RPT Setup Guide for Beginners

Do you think your router is not delivering adequate WiFi signals? If so, you should install an extender. When everything else fails, Netgear extender WN2000RPT is the one you need to install. It is one of the best WiFi range extenders to offer you a seamless internet connection. However, just buying a Netgear extender WN2000RPT is not enough. You must know to configure it.

We have created an easy and effective guide to perform the repeater installation. So, you can’t afford to miss out on the steps given below. After installing the Netgear extender WN2000RPT, you get the best home WiFi network. Read on.

Netgear Extender WN2000RPT: Manual Setup

Unbox Repeater

You must begin with the repeater unboxing. Make sure you are super careful while taking the device out of the box. Otherwise, your Netgear range extender can get damaged. Even a single error can result in the Netgear extender WN2000RPT setup failed.

Furthermore, you should also get hold of the Ethernet cable. If there are extender antennas, make sure you get them as well. Attach the antennas to the device and adjust them accordingly.

Choose Placement

For maximum area coverage and seamless WiFi signals, you need to select the right location for your repeater. Usually, people just throw it behind the television or inside a wall cabinet. It is by far the worst location for Netgear extender WN2000RPT placement.

Make sure you follow the right guidelines for repeater placement. For instance, the central place inside your house is the best. It has to be away from windows and electronic gadgets.

Connect with Router

Confirm the connection between the Netgear extender WN2000RPT and the host router. How can you do that? Well, first, you need an Ethernet cable. Don’t have it? Well, a wireless connection can work just the fine.

To have a strong connection, we always recommend users connect with the Ethernet cable. During wireless connection, you should bring the devices closer.

Pro Tip: The devices should not be too close as it can cause overlapping of wireless signals.

Open PC

Turn to your computer and power it on. The electric socket should be in perfect working condition. Further, the power supply cable must not be aged or worn out. Moreover, the plug should fit perfectly in the chosen electric socket.

Don’t have a PC? Relax! Do you have a laptop? Yes? That is going to work just fine. Just keep a laptop charger handy to ensure the device stay awake during the extender setup process.

Get Hold of Web Browser

A web browser facilitates you to get access to the internet on your computer or laptop. It acts as a bridge. However, what if the bridge itself is broken? It means the web browser could be outdated or incompatible. It happens plenty of times during Netgear extender WN2000RPT setup.

To bypass this, you must get the latest version of the internet browser being used. Install and check on your computer. Sometimes, a particular browser has different hardware requirements. Therefore, you need to ensure the browser is not lagging or crashing.

Enter URL

Once you have a stable internet browser, you are ready to access the official Netgear extender WN2000RPT URL. Head over to the address bar in your browser and enter the web address. While doing so, make sure you don’t commit typing errors.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to access the extender login page. Moreover, to have the right results, you should avoid using the search bar on your computer. Always use the address bar only.

Do Login

It is time to do the Netgear extender WN2000RPT login. But wait! Do you have the correct login credentials? Don’t you dare use another extender’s login details! Rather, enter the default username and password into the required fields.

After that, you can click the Login button to get access to the extender setup wizard or dashboard. If needed, change the settings of your device.

Follow On-Screen Instructions

Post changing any settings of your repeater, follow through with on-screen instructions. These are different for each device. For instance, if you access www mywifiext net n300 setup wizard, on-screen instructions will be different from the WN200RPT device.

Apply changes to complete the setup process.


We hope you have performed the Netgear extender WN2000RPT set up perfectly. If not, don’t worry! We have a team of trained professionals who can help you do that. Just contact them anytime and get your issues resolved.