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A Guide to Reset Netgear Extender to the Default Settings

Facing issues with your Netgear extender? Is it not working up to the mark? Well, resetting can help you! This post will guide you on how to reset Netgear extender to the factory default settings. Continue reading.

Prerequisites to Factory Reset Netgear WiFi Extender

  • Locate a working electrical socket to plug in your Netgear WiFi extender.
  • Make sure that the extender is receiving a constant power supply (free from any sort of fluctuations).
  • There should be no connection (wired and wireless) between your Netgear extender and router.
  • Take a backup of all the existing settings of your WiFi range extender.
  • Keep the extender away from interference-creating objects like microwaves, baby monitors, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, aluminum studs, etc.

A Word of Caution: Performing the Netgear extender reset will clear all the customized settings done by you, including the admin password, network name, and security settings. Therefore, keep in mind to create a backup of all the important extender settings in advance. Doing so will make the extender reconfiguration process a lot easier for you.

How to Reset Netgear Extender?

There are two methods to factory reset your Netgear range extender: using the Reset button and via the mywifiext web GUI. Check them out.

1:Using the Reset Button

  • Power on your Netgear range extender by connecting it to a power source.
  • Grab a paper clip or pin.
  • Locate the Reset button on your Netgear WiFi range extender.
  • Press the Reset button.
  • Wait for your extender to reboot properly.

Done! Your Netgear extender has been reset to the default factory settings. Now, you need to reconfigure your WiFi extender's settings as per your requirements.

2:Using the Web GUI

Resetting the Netgear wireless range extender via the web GUI is also dubbed as Hard Reset. To reset Netgear extender via the web user interface, go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Plug your Netgear wireless range extender into a wall socket and turn it on.
  • Open an internet browser on your computer or laptop. You can choose any web browser you like, e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.
  • In the address bar, type IP as URL and hit the Enter key.
  • You will see the login window.
  • Fill the user ID and passphrase into their respective fields.
  • Click on the Log In button.
  • Your Netgear extender's dashboard will come into view.
  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Find the Reset option.
  • Click on the Yes button to continue.
  • Let the Netgear extender reset properly.

In this manner, you can easily reset Netgear extender to its default factory settings. If you get stuck at any step, feel free to contact our highly-experienced technicians anytime. They will be glad to help you out.