Netgear Extender Firmware Update

Why Getting Netgear Extender Firmware Update is Important?

Have you ever thought of updating the firmware of your Netgear extender after configuring it? No? Well, now is the time you should think of gifting your Netgear extender with the latest firmware update. Mulling over the question 'why your device needs a firmware update'? No need! Here, in this blog, we're going to explain why it is important for users to get Netgear extender firmware update.

Let's take an example of a smartphone. You might have experienced that if there are an array of programs running on your smartphone simultaneously, it affects the speed and effectiveness of its working. Isn't it? Luckily, one simple solution to rid yourself of the issues is to update its firmware. Else, replacing the device is the only solution left if you want to enjoy seamless working of your smartphone. Same is the case with the Netgear extender!

What is Netgear Extender Firmware Update?

Updating the firmware on your Netgear extender is a great way to keep your device up with enhancements and advancements. Earlier, firmware updates have been considered as a way to bring only bug fixes to a device, which users could hardly recognize. But now, with the advancement of technology, a firmware update brings the addition of new features to your extender and enhances its performance in a dramatic manner. Even, some of the firmware updates can make your WiFi device work like new – possibly as it was after doing the first-time Netgear range extender setup.

Not only that, after updating the firmware of your extender, you can protect it from various security vulnerabilities as well. FYI, the firmware updates released by Netgear for its various models of extenders are absolutely free of cost. So, it makes no sense for you to give any excuse for not updating the firmware on your extender.

What Happens When You Don't Update Firmware on Your Extender?

A Netgear extender that is not updated with the latest firmware version often becomes slow in its working. Even simple tasks like doing extender login can become a big pain. Moreover, there could be intermittent WiFi issues and your internet may run at a snail's pace.

We hope now you must be planning to get a firmware update on your extender. If so, we've got you covered on that end also. Simply check the section below and update the latest firmware version on your Netgear extender in a jiffy.

Quick Guide: How to Get Netgear Extender Firmware Update?

A Netgear extender firmware can be updated using various methods. However, here we are going to shed light upon the manual method, which works well for all Netgear extender models. Let's start!

  • Before commencing the process, make sure your Netgear extender is plugged into a working power socket and all the LED lights on it are glowing green.
  • Head towards the official site of Netgear and enter the model number of your extender in the search bar.
  • Hitting the Enter key will take you to the particular product page.
  • Click Downloads and find if any new firmware version is available for your extender's model.
  • Selecting the Download option will allow you to get the firmware file saved on your system.
  • You are free to save the downloaded file to the location of your choice. If needed, unzip the file.
  • Now log in to your extender by accessing If you are using a MAC or iOS device to executing the process, consider using mywifiext local instead.
  • As soon as you complete the login process of your extender, you will find yourself on the Netgear Genie setup wizard. This is, basically, the GUI of your extender.
  • Under settings, try locating the Firmware Update option and select it.
  • The Browse button will then reveal on your screen.
  • Click on it to select the downloaded file you have saved earlier on your system.
  • As soon as you select it, find the Upload button and click on it.

Now, all you need to do is to wait patiently for letting your Netgear extender complete the firmware update process. Once done, your extender will reboot.

So, this was all about how to get a Netgear extender firmware update by accessing the login page.

Important: Wrong or corrupted firmware updates can make your extender inoperable. So, in order to complete the Netgear extender firmware update process in a successful manner, make sure you are not performing any other task on the system/device being used for the process.

Final Thoughts

As the Netgear extender firmware update process is not very accessible to the users who are not technology friendly, we recommend that they take the help of our technical professionals to do all the hard work and update their extender's firmware in a hassle-free manner.