Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup

Netgear Powerline 1200 setup - a very convenient way to run Ethernet signals over existing power wiring securely. When you purchase a Netgear Powerline 1200 - after unboxing, you may see that there are two Powerline devices in a box with two Ethernet cables. And, that’s all you need.

Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup | Prerequisites

  • An active and working internet connection
  • Desktop with an Ethernet jack
  • Wall sockets
  • Ethernet cable
  • A router with an up-to-date firmware version
  • Good and airy location

And, of course, your Powerline devices. As we have already mentioned, the box comes with two devices namely “device 1” and “device 2”. It hardly matters which one is the first one and which is the second. Both are the same! You can give the devices a name as you want.

Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup Instructions

Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup

Step 1: Plug device 1 into a wall socket near your router. Bear in mind – the Netgear Powerline 1200 must be plugged in directly, not through UPS or using a power strip.

Step 2: Using an Ethernet cable, connect your Netgear Powerline 1200 (device 1) and your main router.

Step 3: Now, connect the second Netgear Powerline 1200 directly to a different power outlet. Do not plug the devices into different rooms. The reason is, if you plug them into two different rooms, their WiFi signals would get interrupted.

Step 4: Now, wait for a couple of minutes for the LEDs to get green and lit. You will see three green LEDs on each device. It indicates that the devices are synchronizing with each other. By any chance, if the Powerline LED goes red, it means that the devices are not working. It may take longer than usual to become green.

And, once you see a green light on the devices, you should be now able to connect to your main router and the internet.

Step 5: Try to access a random web address, let’s say – to ensure that things are working and everything is up-to-the-mark.

Netgear Powerline 1200 setup is completed. You now have an uninterrupted internet range to access in every nook and cranny of your house. So, without thinking much, start streaming your favorite shows on Netflix or Amazon.

Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup Issues

Have a quick look below! Now, why the Netgear Powerline 1200 setup issues appear:

  • Netgear Powerline 1200 (device 1 and device 2) is not properly plugged in
  • The improper connection between the devices
  • Device 1, device 2, and your main router are placed too far away
  • The power strip is blocking the WiFi signals of the devices
  • No internet connectivity
  • The Ethernet cable you have used is damaged
  • Netgear Powerline 1200 has become overheated
  • The Powerline device is not receiving signals from your router
  • Your devices got disconnected from each other

Netgear Powerline 1200 Setup Troubleshooting Steps

Given below are a few troubleshooting steps following which you will be able to fix Netgear Powerline 1200 setup issues:
  • Ensure to provide steady power to the Netgear Powerline device 1 and device 2
  • Ensure that your devices are placed within reach of each other and that your main router
  • Do not use a damaged or dusty Ethernet cable
  • Have access to a good internet connection. Contact your internet service provider regarding the same
  • Restart your Powerline. Doing so will give the device a rest and also prevent it from overheating

Contact our customer support team for more troubleshooting tips to fix Netgear Powerline 1200 setup issues.

No Luck?

Are you still not able to configure your Netgear Powerline 1200? Don’t sweat over it! 99 percent of users face Netgear Powerline 1200 setup issues. To deal with it, we suggest they reset their Netgear Powerline 1200 device. Fret not! The resetting process is not rocket science. Just press and hold the reset hole for some time and release it. Isn’t that easy?

Once you are done, perform the Netgear Powerline 1200 setup process again using the instructions provided above.

If you get stuck at any point or are unable to set up your Netgear Powerline 1200 device, then without much delay, contact our professionals. They are always ready to handle your queries and solve them in the blink of an eye.